Practice Area Category: Criminal/DUI

My client, a firearms instructor, was charged with Domestic Violence Assault 2 (F4-Crime of Violence). My client was accused of assaulting and strangling his girlfriend. After investigation of the facts, interview with witnesses, and obtaining character statements regarding the ex-girlfriend, I was able to demonstrate to the deputy district attorney that the ex-girlfriend … Continue reading

My client was charged with Burglary 3 (a Class 5 Felony). My client was the long-time cleaning lady of an older couple that apparently had a habit of keeping large sums of money in multiple safes in their home. When the couple came to believe that there was a large amount of money … Continue reading

My client was charged with Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUI-D) after causing an accident on I-25. My client hit her head during the accident and could not remember what happened. The officer, after finding out that my client took doctor-prescribed anti-anxiety medication, charged her with DUI-D. The blood results showed a … Continue reading

My client was charged with felony Menacing (a Class 5 Felony) for allegedly threatening her husband with a handgun during an argument. After conducting a far more thorough investigation than the police or District Attorney’s Office, the case went to trial. It took the jury less than two hours of deliberation to find … Continue reading