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Whether it’s your first or fourth DUI conviction, a judge will likely impose DUI classes in your sentence. This is because courts often view DUI convictions as proof of addiction or an indicator that addiction may develop in the future. As such, convicted offenders in Colorado Springs are typically required to attend DUI classes for a certain amount of time depending on the nature and frequency of their DUI convictions.

With this in mind, if you were found guilty of a DUI in Colorado Springs, a judge may require you to take DUI classes. You may be ordered to attend and complete alcohol and drug education programs as a condition for license reinstatement, meaning you cannot get your driver’s license back unless you complete your DUI classes, depending on the conditions of your sentence.

Colorado Springs Alcohol Treatment System Types

To determine which alcohol treatment classes you’ll attend in Colorado, you will go through the probation department in the jurisdiction in which your case is charged. The probation officer will evaluate your alcohol use by administering the adult substance use and driving survey to score you on several factors including your history of alcohol and/or substance abuse, demographics, family background, defensiveness, and more.

We advise you to take your alcohol evaluation seriously by showing up early, well-dressed, and sober.

Level I Alcohol Classes

Level I DUI classes in Colorado Springs are required under the following circumstances:

  • When a minor driver has their license revoked for 1 year for their first DUI or DWAI
  • When a minor driver has their license revoked for their first DUI with a BAC of .02 or more
  • When a driver aged 21+ commits their first DUI offense

Level I education consists of 12 hours of DUI education in groups or classes and spans at least 3 days, with each class lasting up to 4 hours each. These classes are not intended for people with multiple DUI offenses, one DUI with a high BAC, or one DUI with a breath or blood test refusal.

Level II Alcohol Classes

For more serious cases, DUI offenders may be required to attend Level II DUI education courses. This is required when a driver:

  • Is convicted of 2 alcohol violations that occurred within 5 years
  • Is convicted of 3 or more alcohol violations in a lifetime
  • Is revoked for having a BAC of .15 or more
  • Is revoked for multiple BAC tests of .08 or more (Per Se)
  • Is revoked for refusal to take a test

Unlike Level I DUI classes, Level II DUI classes consist of 24 hours of group courses with about 12 other people maximum. Level II classes are 12 weeks long, so you should adjust your daily schedule to accommodate these requirements.

If an OBH certified treatment agency completes an Affidavit of Enrollment (DR 2643) for you, you may complete the Level II DUI course after and as a condition of license reinstatement. For context, a DR 2643 is available only to Colorado residents who are required to complete a Level II program for reinstatement and are eligible for reinstatement but have not yet completed the Level II program.

Level II Therapy

Level II therapy, when required, follows Level II education and can last from 5 to 10 months depending on your assigned track. Your track assignment depends on your previous DUI offenses, your BAC level at the time of the offense, refusal to take a chemical test, and more. Below are the Level II therapy track guidelines for offenses on or after January 1, 2014:

  • Track A: A minimum of 42 hours over at least 21 weeks, usually for a first-time offender with a BAC below 0.15,
  • Track B: A minimum of 52 hours over at least 26 weeks, usually for a first-time offender with a BAC of 0.15 or above or refusal,
  • Track C: A minimum of 68 hours over at least 34 weeks, usually for someone with a prior DWAI/DUI, and a BAC below 0.15,
  • Track D: A minimum of 86 hours over at least 43 weeks, usually for someone with a prior DWAI/DUI, and a BAC of 0.15 or above or refusal.

Level II Four Plus (“Track F”) Classes

If you got convicted of 4 or more DUIs, the court may require you to complete Level II Four Plus, known as Track F. These are intense yet comprehensive treatment services consisting of a minimum of 18 months and a minimum of 180 clinical contact hours ( or “treatment hours”). What do those 180 treatment hours consist of? See below:

  • A combination of education and treatment strategies that are determined by the screenings and clinical assessment results.
  • Individual counseling as well as group therapy, family/other supportive adult therapy, education, medication-assisted therapy, and residential treatment.
  • Specialized treatment services conducted by the Level II Four Plus agency or by referral to qualified clinicians in the community. For background, the Level II Four Plus agency manages any community-based specialized treatment services.

However, even if you attend all Level II Four Plus classes and complete all the required months and hours, you will not “pass” until you demonstrate that you’ve retained and understood the concepts within the 4 phases of treatment.

How Do I Prove Attendance For DUI Classes in Colorado Springs

How does the court know you’ve been following orders? Upon the completion of treatment and/or education, you will receive a copy of the discharge DUI Referral Summary (DRS) within 10 days of your discharge. You will likely need a discharge DRS to prove that you are eligible to get your license reinstated, so if you haven’t gotten one already, you should contact the agency where you attended education/treatment.

If you are unable to get this information from the agency, complete a Consent for the Release of Confidential Information form so the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) can search for this information in its database. Once you complete the form, send it to OBH. Get access to the form and OBH contact information.

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