One poor choice. One bad night. One more beer. Any of these can lead to criminal charges that can have lasting and often unforeseen repercussions on your life. Even the best people can find themselves tied up with the legal system, facing severe consequences to their liberty, their lives, and their careers. Our Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyers can help.

Peakstone Law Group, LLC is focused on defending people who have been accused of criminal and traffic offenses. Whatever charges you are facing, our Colorado Springs criminal defense attorneys have the experience and ability to help you fight for the best resolution possible.

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What Makes Our Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Attorneys Stand Out?

There are a lot of criminal defense attorneys in Colorado to choose from, but not all attorneys or their firms are created equal. Our criminal defense lawyers stand out. As a former prosecutor, founding attorney Patterson Weaver, of Peakstone Law Group has extensive experience and an insider’s perspective on how criminal cases are handled. Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, our legal team will aggressively fight for the best possible outcome for you.

Our seasoned attorneys handle every criminal case according to a set of key principles and methods:

Whether you need help defending yourself from an assault charge, a DUI, domestic violence, or anything else, you can count on our criminal defense lawyers to thoroughly review your case and conduct the legal research needed. Our team will then tailor the best case strategy for your situation.

The legal system is not simple. Too often, attorneys fail to remember that. While criminal attorneys deal with the system daily, our clients do not. Our attorneys will thoroughly explain every step in the process in terms and language you can understand, not jumbled legalese. Information is power, and our Colorado criminal defense attorneys will ensure that you have the legal advice and counsel you need to fight for the best possible outcome for yourself and your family.

Lawyers often fall into one of two categories. Many will try to scare you to death to make you believe you need to hire them, and hire them now. Others will downplay the possible repercussions, all but promising outcomes that may be possible but highly unlikely. The experienced and forthright attorneys at Peakstone Law Group, LLC, do not play those games. We tell it like it is with our clients. Whether during a free consultation or over the course of representation, you can expect our lawyers to be straightforward with you about the strengths and weaknesses of your case and the potential outcomes. Our job is not only to fight hard for you, but to help you fully understand the situation you are in. If we say it, you need to know you can believe it.

One of the most common complaints about attorneys is that they do not respond to their clients’ attempts to reach them. You will not have this problem with Peakstone Law Group, LLC. Our legal team takes our responsibility to communicate with our clients seriously, and in most cases, you can expect a response to your message or email in less than 24 hours. Our attorneys will be available to discuss your case via calls, text, and chat ─ whatever is most convenient for you.

Our team walks you through exactly what to expect at each stage of your criminal case, and we make sure you understand your responsibilities. We text reminders for court dates and make accessing information about your case easy with an interactive client portal. We work to make everything less stressful for you.

Although Peakstone Law Group is an experienced and talented trial firm, often the most desirable outcomes are achieved through effective negotiation with prosecutors, not through trials in court. Our attorneys have a proven record of effective negotiation with prosecutors.

Patterson Weaver and his team have an impressive history of success in trying hearings and cases in court. Should your case go to trial, you are in good hands with our capable criminal trial attorneys.