Nikki’s distinguished role as the Lead Paralegal at Peakstone Law Group is underpinned by a solid educational foundation and a breadth of professional experience. Her academic journey commenced at California Lutheran University, where she completed her undergraduate degree, setting the stage for her entry into the legal field. Nikki’s commitment to legal excellence led her to the Pueblo Corporate College Program, where she achieved her certification as a paralegal. Further honing her skills, Nikki pursued a specialization in Copy Editing through the University of California San Diego Extension, ensuring her proficiency in creating precise legal documents.

In addition to her academic credentials, Nikki is a proud member of the National Associate of Legal Assistants (NALA), and is a Certified Paralegal through the Pueblo Corporate College Program. This affiliation not only highlights her dedication to her profession but also places her among a distinguished group of legal professionals who adhere to the highest standards of legal assistance.

Nikki relocated to Colorado in 2018, bringing with her a diverse array of work experiences that have significantly contributed to her role at Peakstone Law Group. Since joining the firm in April of 2023, Nikki has quickly ascended to the position of Lead Paralegal, specializing in Probate and Estate Planning matters. In this key leadership role, Nikki is renowned for her unwavering work ethic, meticulous attention to detail, and exceptional professionalism. Her approach to each case is marked by a thorough diligence and a commitment to upholding the firm’s client-first ethos.

As the Lead Paralegal, Nikki is instrumental in ensuring that Peakstone Law Group’s standards of excellence are consistently met and exceeded. She is dedicated to fostering clear and effective communication, providing consistent and high-quality work, and contributing to the firm’s mission of delivering superior legal services. Nikki’s certification as a paralegal, coupled with her leadership position, exemplify her commitment to legal excellence and her pivotal role in supporting the firm’s objectives.

Nikki’s educational background, professional affiliations, and her position as Lead Paralegal at Peakstone Law Group underscore her vital contribution to the firm’s success. Her dedication and expertise continue to enhance the firm’s ability to serve its clients with the utmost professionalism and care.”