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Peakstone Law Group, LLC is a law practice that has the knowledge and skill necessary to create customized estate plans, wills, and trusts for its clients at an affordable price. Proudly serving Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and the surrounding areas, attorney Patterson Weaver can help you plan for your family’s future.

Too often we put off planning for tomorrow – until tomorrow arrives. The sad fact is that all of us will pass on and leave loved ones behind. Maybe it will be ten years from now. But maybe it will be tomorrow. It will happen, and we cannot know when. When that day arrives, without a plan in place, the State of Colorado decides what happens to your estate, not you – and rarely what Colorado decides for your family is what you would decide yourself. Lawyer Patterson Weaver is prepared to help you put together a comprehensive plan that is right for you, your family, and your finances.

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Not Just a Will — A Comprehensive Plan

At Peakstone Law Group, LLC, you don’t get just a simple will. You get a complete plan.

Our estate planning services are tailored to each individual’s needs and budget, but always include:

  • Will, Trust, or Related Appropriate Documents
  • General Durable Power of Attorney
  • Medical Durable Power of Attorney
  • Advance Directive for Medical/Surgical Treatment (often called a Living Will)
  • Disposition of Last Remains
  • Memo Distributing Tangible Personal Property
  • Letter of Last Instructions

As appropriate, an Estate Plan from Peakstone Law Group, LLC may include:

  • Parent’s or Guardian’s Delegation of Powers
  • Appointment of Guardian
  • Agent’s Certification Power of Attorney

In crafting your estate plan, Peakstone Law Group, LLC will listen to your goals, look at the assets in your estate, and work with you to determine the course of action that is right for you to keep the transfer of your life’s work to your loved ones as simple and free from estate taxes (death taxes) as possible.

The Process . . . Completely Pain-Free

Your time is valuable. At Peakstone Law Group, LLC, we want to honor your time and busy schedule by streamlining the process as much as possible.

What To Expect Working With An Estate Attorney in Colorado Springs:

  • You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire with personal and financial information prior to the consultation, and bring documentation of any trusts or estate planning documents with you to the consultation.
  • At the initial consultation, Peakstone Law Group, LLC will review your financial situation, discuss with you your goals and desires regarding your estate, and will recommend a will based or trust-based estate plan that is best for your situation and goals.
  •  Once your estate plan is drafted, a second meeting will be arranged for you to review your estate planning documents, and you will sign those documents in front of witnesses and with a notary present. The original documents will then be copied and combined into a dossier, and you will receive a professional, bound dossier of your estate planning documents, as well as copies for your records.

While people typically fear the hassle of properly planning their estate, in most cases, your estate plan can be created from start to finish with only two appointments. At Peakstone Law Group, LLC, we strive to make the entire process as painless and seamless as possible.

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Don’t trust the future financial security of your family to the wisdom of the State of Colorado. Let Colorado Springs estate planning attorney Patterson Weaver, help you properly plan your estate to care for your loved ones. Contact us today.