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Middle aged retired couple signing a contract

Have you recently lost your spouse? If so, you should know your rights to inherit from their estate under Colorado law. Legal Rights of Surviving Spouses in Colorado Under Colorado inheritance laws, you may inherit from your spouse’s estate in the following manners. Intestate Rights Colorado intestate succession laws determine a surviving spouse’s … Continue reading

Underaged teen drinking and driving

Colorado drivers under age 21 face serious consequences if the police catch them with a fake ID or while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The penalties for these offenses include jail time, fines, community service, and an automatic driver’s license revocation. Furthermore, these offenses stay on a driver’s permanent record, … Continue reading

Handcuffed convict awaiting sentence

Were you wrongly charged with false imprisonment in Colorado? It is a serious charge and you should get help from our criminal defense attorneys to pursue the best potential outcome in your case. What Is False Imprisonment in Colorado? Colorado false imprisonment laws, covered under CRS 18-3-303, define false imprisonment as knowingly confining … Continue reading

Close up back view unhappy woman with supporting diverse people at therapy session.

Among the legal consequences following a DUI charge are education and treatment. For many individuals, court-mandated drug or alcohol classes are an essential part of the journey to rehabilitation and avoiding further legal troubles. On this page, the legal team at Peakstone Law Group, LLC, formerly known as Patterson Weaver, LLC, provides an … Continue reading

Patterson Weaver, Esq.

Peakstone Law Group is Donating 5% of our Profit to Ukrainian Relief Aid. At Peakstone Law Group, we believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. For all people. Everywhere. Always. To secure this, we believe in peoples’ fundamental universal rights as human beings, including; Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom … Continue reading

probate attorney

Oftentimes, in the aftermath of someone’s passing, the decedent’s estate must go through the probate process to ensure all assets are distributed appropriately. Probate can often be a lengthy and expensive process, no matter how large or small the estate may be. That said, there are some ways to minimize the costs your beneficiaries may … Continue reading