Practice Area Category: Probate Litigation/Will Contests

The deceased, my client’s biological father, abandoned my client and his mother before my client was even born. My client’s mother later remarried, and was adopted by his step-father. My client’s biological father later passed without remarrying or having any additional children. The sisters of my client’s biological father hired an attorney to … Continue reading

Our clients owned a popular local restaurant, but they leased the building from a long-time friend/landlord. A few months before his death, the landlord signed a lease with my clients that contained a provision stating that upon his death, the building the restaurant was in and all the equipment would pass to my … Continue reading

This was a complicated case that is hard to summarize briefly here. My client’s brother (the deceased) had recently moved to Colorado with his new girlfriend and was killed in a car crash in Colorado soon after. The deceased was in the process of a divorce in California from his wife, but the … Continue reading