DNA Determined Sole Heir of Estate

The deceased, my client’s biological father, abandoned my client and his mother before my client was even born. My client’s mother later remarried, and was adopted by his step-father. My client’s biological father later passed without remarrying or having any additional children. The sisters of my client’s biological father hired an attorney to help them handle the estate, and that attorney told my client and his mother that because my client was adopted, he was no longer an heir of the deceased and therefore not entitled to any inheritance from his biological father’s estate. This was wrong, and my client was in fact the sole heir of the estate. My client hired me to handle the matter, and after a DNA test, I was able to straighten out the other attorney on the matter and facilitate administering the estate without needing to go into formal litigation on the matter, saving the estate, and my client, significant amounts of money and ensuring my client received his rightful inheritance in full.