Felony Charges Dismissed & No Jail

My client had no prior criminal history, but had a run of unfortunate encounters with the police, picking up 4 cases within a couple months. One case was based around a Domestic Violence, Assault 2 charge (a Class 4 Felony Crime of Violence charge carrying mandatory prison). Another was a Witness Tampering charge (a Class 4 Felony) involving a neighbor. The two misdemeanors were a Dangerous Dog citation (a Class 3 Misdemeanor) for a dog biting a deputy, and Criminal Mischief (a Class 3 Misdemeanor) for allegedly destroying a neighbor’s fence. After obtaining a successful polygraph examination result on one case, and after a lot of negotiation with the Assistant District Attorney on the other cases, the felony charges were completely dismissed, and my client plead to Class 3 Misdemeanors in just two cases with minimal conditions and only 12 months of probation.