What Should I Do After Being Charged with a Crime?

person being charged with crime

Being charged with a crime is an overwhelming experience that most of us never anticipate happening.

To ensure your rights and future are protected, it is essential to know exactly what to do next, so you can be proactive in your defense. Continue reading to find out what you should do after being charged with a crime.

What to Do Next

If you are being charged with a crime, it is important to remain calm and to keep certain points in mind, so you can avoid making any mistakes that could jeopardize the success of your case.

Here is what you should do after being charged with a crime:

  • Stay silent: When you are read your Miranda rights, you are told that you have the right to remain silent and it is important to do so. Otherwise, what you say may come back to haunt you in court.
  • Remain polite: Whenever interacting with law enforcement, it is essential to be polite, calm, and never resist arrest. Even if you are absolutely certain you did not do anything wrong, this will not do your case any favors.
  • Ask what you are being charged with: If law enforcement officers did not clearly explain your charges to you, do not be afraid to ask them to repeat. Knowing what you are being charged with is important for your defense.
  • Contact a criminal defense attorney: After understanding the charges against you, it is important to retain skilled legal counsel.
  • Notes: If possible, request a pen and paper to take notes about what happens to you while in custody.
  • Do not discuss: You should not discuss your case with anyone other than your criminal defense attorney. No matter how much you trust your friends, discussing your case with them can turn into gossip.

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