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Oftentimes, in the aftermath of someone’s passing, the decedent’s estate must go through the probate process to ensure all assets are distributed appropriately. Probate can often be a lengthy and expensive process, no matter how large or small the estate may be. That said, there are some ways to minimize the costs your beneficiaries may … Continue reading

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After the death of an individual, their estate must be administered through the probate courts. During this process, the designated personal representative (as it’s called in Colorado) or executor (as it is called in many other states) will act as the estate administrator and have specific legal and fiduciary duties, both to the … Continue reading

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Sadly, someone close to you has died. Perhaps they had a formal attorney-drafted will everyone was aware of. Perhaps they didn’t. Regardless, in going through the loved one’s things you find a document where the decedent appears to say what he wanted done with all, or part, of his estate. But it doesn’t … Continue reading