What Happens If You Miss an Alcohol or Drug Class in Colorado Springs?

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Among the legal consequences following a DUI charge are education and treatment. For many individuals, court-mandated drug or alcohol classes are an essential part of the journey to rehabilitation and avoiding further legal troubles. On this page, the legal team at Peakstone Law Group, LLC, formerly known as Patterson Weaver, LLC, provides an in-depth analysis of what happens when you miss an alcohol or drug class in Colorado Springs.

Legal Requirements for Attending Alcohol or Drug Classes in Colorado Springs

Court-ordered classes, DMV-ordered classes, and probation-ordered classes all aim to educate individuals about the effects and dangers of substance misuse, aiming to prevent recurring DUI offenses. While these classes’ stipulated length and frequency can vary, attendance is non-negotiable.

Consequences of Missing Alcohol or Drug Classes in Colorado Springs

Missing an alcohol or drug class in Colorado Springs can have severe legal consequences. Examples include the following:

  • Fines – When you miss a class, a fine often follows. The additional financial burden can make the recovery process more challenging.
  • Penalty extensions – Sometimes, the court might extend your probation period, or you could face additional sentencing.
  • Possible jail time – Jail time, while extreme, is a real possibility if your non-compliance demonstrates a disregard for the legal obligations and stipulations of your case.
  • DMV suspension of your driver’s license – Perhaps most consequential for many people, the DMV can suspend your driver’s license. Suspension can significantly hamper your mobility, affecting your employment prospects and personal life.
  • Employment consequences – Many employers, especially those requiring a clean driving record or security clearance, may look unfavorably upon non-compliance with court-, DMV-, or probation-ordered classes. It can lead to missed job opportunities, stalled career progression, or even loss of employment altogether.

What to Do If You Miss an Alcohol or Drug Class in Colorado Springs

If you miss an alcohol or drug class, it is critical to take immediate action. First, contact the class provider to explain the situation. They may allow you to attend a make-up alcohol or drug class in Colorado Springs.

Next, notify your probation officer or court-appointed representative promptly. Honesty and transparency about your situation can help mitigate the consequences and demonstrate your commitment to fulfilling your legal obligations.

Finally, do everything in your power to attend a make-up class. Proactively showing commitment to your rehabilitation can go a long way in the eyes of the court and probation officials.

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