Riley’s journey from a small, rural town in Kansas to becoming an integral part of Peakstone Law Group as a Client Relations Specialist is a testament to her adventurous spirit and passion for learning. After completing high school, Riley embarked on a year of exploration, taking her from the vibrant city of Sydney, Australia, to the historic landscapes of Germany. This gap year was not only a period of personal growth but also an opportunity for Riley to engage in various employment opportunities, each contributing to her rich tapestry of skills and experiences, priming her for the complexities of client relations within the legal sector.

In 2023, Riley achieved a significant academic milestone, graduating with distinction from the American Military University. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Global Security, a field that demands an understanding of global dynamics, critical thinking, and the ability to navigate complex, multicultural landscapes. Her academic prowess, characterized by dedication and a commitment to excellence, is a daily asset to our team at Peakstone Law Group.

Riley’s responsibilities, which include being the first point of contact for our clients, require a meticulous attention to detail and superior communication skills—qualities that Riley possesses in abundance. Her background in international relations equips her with the adaptability and sensitivity necessary to excel in this dynamic, client-facing role. Her unique experiences and skills make her perfectly positioned to meet the needs of our clients with empathy, expertise, and efficiency.

Beyond her professional life, Riley is an avid learner with a passion for languages, an enthusiasm for hiking, and a love for literature. These interests not only enrich her personal life but also enhance her ability to connect with clients from diverse backgrounds, making her a valuable asset to Peakstone Law Group.